Since 1985 Oraldesign has been serving the local and state wide dental community.

We pride ourselves on professional, quality workmanship and service. Utilising state of the art digital technology, we are leaders in the field. You can be assured any dental work we do is of the highest quality and all work is locally Australian Made.

Terms and Conditions and Working Times

Services we offer

A full range of Crown and Bridge services

  • All Ceramic crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays and onlays. In Emax, Zirconia or no-prep foil feldspathic veneers.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal crowns and bridges. Featuring 360 degree ceramic margins where possible.
  • The only fully qualified and certified precision attachment and milled crown service on the coast.
  • Full Gold crowns.

The finest TGA approved

Lithium Disilicate or Emax has, for many years, been the touchstone in aesthetic official site restorative materials. We wax and press all our restorations for maximum strength and translucency.

Recently great strides have been made in appearance and translucency of Zirconia materials. We offer multilayered monolithic crowns and bridges, [ length of multilayered bridges is restricted due to less flexural strength].